What Do I Need To Get Certified As An RBT?

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

If you are currently working in the capacity of a Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT), but you do not have the RBT certification, please read this article carefully. Any plans you have to enter or remain in this line of work will depend upon it.

Beginning in 2019, Florida state law requires all individuals working in this field to enroll in and complete a 40 hour RBT training course to legally work as an RBT.

With that in perspective, what do you need to get certified as an RBT? In this article, we will discuss four items to help you answer this question.

What is Needed

We will assume that you are already 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. These are the first two things required to get the certification.

As mentioned in our learning center at Developing New Horizons, a candidate needs the following four things:

RBT 40 Hour Course

Besides book work and exams, you will get vital training that will prepare you for things you could frequently encounter on the job. These are lessons you can definitely apply in other unexpected situations as well.

Keep in mind that while this is a 40-hour course, it will be spread out over several weeks. However, almost all students can finish in six months or less, sometimes much less.

Competency Assessment (90 Days or Less)

The competency assessment is composed of a task list condensed into the following three basic steps:

Review behavior samples – you will carefully watch these samples recorded on video, and then follow any instructions attached to these.

Assignments – any additional assignments beyond the video reviews will be completed.

Final assignments – A supervisor or instructor will arrange a face-to-face interview with you, either in person or through video conferencing, such as Zoom. The interviewer will ask you important questions to evaluate your competency.

FDLE Background Check (180 Days or Less)

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) will conduct a background check on a candidate that will include all of the following:

· Driver’s record

· Credit history

· Interviews with neighbors and employers

The main purpose is to see whether or not a candidate has been “arrested and/or convicted of a crime”. This is very much the same background check any employer may conduct.

Successfully Pass RBT Board Exam

At this point, the previously-mentioned items must be satisfied before applying to take the board exam, especially the background check. Also, you must have, ready to upload if you’re online, your necessary documents to take the exam, including:

· Certificate of completion of 40-hour RBT course

· Completed RBT Competency assessment

· Copy of your high school diploma, or transcripts in the case of some college

This all sounds on the surface to be a tall order, but if you have chosen to be an RBT, you may just be tall enough for this order. So if you plan on entering or remaining in this field, make the investment in yourself, and enroll in a 40 hour RBT training.

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