What Is RBT Certification & Why Do I Need It?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you work in the field of behavioral therapy, specifically as a Registered Behavior Therapist or RBT, then this article will be of critical interest to you. If you hear talk about the need for people in your line of work to take an RBT certification course, we advise you not to reject it.

You may wonder what all of the fuss is about. The fact is the contents of this article will help you appreciate that it could mean your job.

So in view of the fact that some, including you, are already working in this capacity, what exactly is RBT certification, and why do you need it.

What Is RBT Certification?

The RBT certification gives a person working in this field a strong credential. RBT’s work under the supervision of a Behavioral Analyst (BA), who designs plans related to intervention and assessment, while the RBT carries them out.

You may be thinking that you already perform your job well, and have had people tell you so. That is great! This will reflect well on you if you complete the RBT course and earn the credential. It is a bit of a formality, but you will find out later that it’s a formality worth taking care of.

This underscores the importance of the work of both the RBT and the BA. The RBT must carefully implement the directions of the BA. The RBT is responsible for their duties. However, the BA is also responsible for how the RBT performs their designated tasks. An RBT will stand a better chance of performing according to these standards if they are trained properly. Getting the RBT credential will help to ensure this.

Why Do I Need RBT Certification?

The most important reason you need the RBT certification centers on a recent change in Florida state law. The state has mandated that all individuals working in the capacity of a Registered Behavior Therapist must complete a 40-hour training course to become certified as an RBT. If one fails to do this, they can no longer legally work as an RBT in the state of Florida.

Another reason may appeal more to your personal preferences, but it is important. The RBT credential will give you a massive advantage, especially if you rack up considerable experience in this field with the credential. If you decide one day to take your career to the next level, such as BA, or other related positions, you will likely be an ideal candidate for the position.

Of course, you will have to go through additional training for any necessary certifications. However, the training you receive as an RBT will prepare you for BA training as well. After all, the RBA is largely based on the BA training.

In summary, it all sounds redundant or maybe even unnecessary to take the RBT certification course. However, harmonizing with state law will also reflect well on how serious you take your work, and help you retain your employment.

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