Overview of the RBT Certification Course

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

If you are just entering the field of behavioral therapy or keeping yourself qualified to remain in it, then we urge you to read this article. It contains important information about the RBT course, something that was, up until recently, just an option.

In this overview, we will discuss the following items:

1. What is the RBT certification?

2. Why do I need the RBT credential?

3. What is required?

What is the RBT Certification?

The RBT Certification Course is a 40-hour course that entails a combination of classroom work, exams, as well as indispensable training for the candidate. This training is available for individuals just entering the profession, or for someone with a measure of experience that needs certification.

This was merely an option in the state of Florida. Starting in 2019, it becomes law. All persons who work in the same capacity as an RBT are required to complete this course to legally continue working in it.

Why Do I Need the RBT Credential?

There are a number of good reasons to acquire the RBT credential; many of them surround your employment.

For one, if you work through an agency, be advised here and now that they are now seeking only certified RBT candidates. Though it isn’t explicitly stated, liability concerns may be part of the reason for this.

Second, even if you are not working through an agency, having the credential can be a key to keeping your current employment, and serve as a stepping stone to future advancements.

For example, if you work with another person who is not certified, but you are, and the choice comes down to you or the other person, who do you think your employer will choose?

Or maybe after gaining some experience as an RBT, you decided to move on to greener pastures. As a certified RBT, your experience will enhance your chances of moving up in the same field. You may want a job much like your supervisor's – a BA, or Behavioral Analyst.

The RBT training, aside from a few advanced items, is practically the same training a BA has to go through for their certification. You will have an advantage over many who start from scratch.

What is Required to Become an RBT?

As mentioned in our learning center at Developing New Horizons, here are the basic things required to become a certified RBT:

· Must be 18 years of age or older

· Must have at least a high school diploma or transcripts from the advanced institution

· Satisfactorily complete the 40-hour RBT certification course – 75% or higher

· Complete the Competency Assessment

· Submit to an FDLE background check

· Pass the RBT Board exam

So whether you have come to a decision about “what you want to do with your life” or you are determined to stay in the field of your choice, we hope this article helps you decide on taking the RBT course. It could open doors for your future, but most of all, it will help you keep your work.

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