Should I Get Trained As An RBT?

The medical field has a wide range of specialized-training employment opportunities for qualified individuals. Behavioral health is no exception. In fact, if you are at all interested in entering this field, you may consider getting RBT training in Miami.

So what is an RBT, what are the advantages of this training, and what is required to become one? These questions will be answered in this article.

What is an RBT?

An RBT works under the supervision and direction of a Behavioral Analyst, directly implementing the services directed to them.

There are some therapists working without board certification. However, the state of Florida, as of 2019, will require the certification to legally work as an RBT. If you intend to stay in this work, it would be wise to take the certification course.

Qualified and certified therapists are in demand all over; certification will increase your hiring chances.

Let’s now consider some advantages to taking the RBT course and getting yourself certified.

RBT Training Advantages

The advantages of receiving the training begin with the word “training”. Up to this point, you may have received some quality, on-the-job training. You have learned enough to do your basic job.

RBT certification training, however, may cover more in-depth subjects you may not encounter every day. That training speaks volumes to the administrations that hire RBT’s.

The certification itself offers you more in the way of credentials. This could be highly important if you are working through an agency. More and more agencies are hiring only individuals who have this certification. If you plan to stay in this field, the RBT credentials will keep you employed.

Another advantage has to do with liability. Medical professionals, by and large, are among the most careful professionals around. However, in the unlikely event that an RBT without credentials is working with a patient and something goes wrong, a patient’s family might be more understanding with someone who is certified than one who is not. Families have been held the management style of medical facilities into question if they find that their relative was treated by a professional who was not certified.

Lastly, with credentials obtained through RBT certification, it will not only keep you employed but also could lend itself to future advancement in your career. Your success working alongside a BA, with fully-certified RBT credentials from your RBT training in Miami, will look really good on your resume.

Let’s now see what is required to become a certified RBT.

What is Required for Becoming an RBT?

Here is a list of basic requirements to become registered as an RBT:

· Must be at least 18 years old

· High School Diploma or GED

· Completion of the 40-hour RBT training course

· Completion of Competency Assessment

· Criminal Background Check

· RBT Exam

So in conclusion, we hope this article has given you a good overview of RBT training and helped answer whether or not you should get RBT training. If you would like more information about enrollment, feel free to reach out to us at Developing New Horizons, Inc.

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