Where Can You Take An Online RBT Course?

If you’re working in behavioral therapy in Florida, then you may be aware of the state’s recent decision to require all individuals working as RBT’s to complete an RBT course. This will allow you to continue working legally as an RBT.

Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not be able to physically attend classes. If you cannot do so, there is an alternative. You can take an RBT course online. However, you don't want to simply enroll with the first school offers the course.

Why is this? It is because some learning centers may not take the training part of this course seriously. They may actually just help you slide through to certification. But is that really going to benefit you?

The answer to this is a flat “no”. The training is not simply to get you your certification; it is a very important part of your job. It helps prepare you for real-life situations that can happen on the job. From a practical aspect, without the training, it could cost you your job.

So where can you take an RBT course online?

Developing New Horizons (DNH)

Developing New Horizons offers a comprehensive, 40-hour course that will not only help you acquire a piece of paper that says you are a qualified Registered Behavior Therapist; it will give you the training to back up your written credentials, and prepare you for events that are frequently encountered in this field for RBTs.

Naturally, due to the length of the course, it cannot prepare you for everything you could possibly encounter. However, what you learn during the training can be applied to other situations. When you complete this course, you will likely enter or re-enter the job as a confident, qualified RBT.

When you take the RBT course here at DNH, you will receive the necessary training to receive the RBT credential. Plus, at some point during your training, you will gain access to a practice exam of 75 questions to help test how well you know the answers prior to taking the actual exam. In fact, this practice exam can be taken as many times as needed, so you can enter the exam with confidence that you will pass it easily.

Completing this training with us can be a real stepping stone to further career advancements down the road. If you decide to move up to become a Behavioral Analyst (BA), you will have a distinct advantage. Your valuable experience working under the direction of a Behavioral Analyst will help you know what is expected.

Another reason why you should take the RBT course at DNH is that they are a training center that is approved by the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI). This is as good a recommendation as the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.

So in conclusion, there may be several places that offer the RBT course online, but we at DNH offers the best option for this training. Contact them for enrollment information.

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